A man, Pender Solomon has gone viral as a video showing his sad change of fortune makes the rounds online.

The man was shown in the video to be a well-to-do man who has flown planes abroad.

man's change fortune

Another photo showed the man looking smart in suit, ostensibly working in a company abroad.

His recent state shows him looking like a shadow of what he used to be as he could be seen asking for alms on the streets from people.

man's change fortune
Man current state.

Check out how netizens reacted …

ÖRË said: “2020 to 2023 OLUWA Abeg let Grace to Grace never be our own Story 😪”

🇮🇹€Big Raay€ reacted: “Omo guys will need to learn from this i pray will Win big and never fall back”

okeogheneoghenerie remarked: “Watching this while thinking about my possible deportation from Canada 🥺💔”

𝐀𝐒𝐀𝐁𝐀💚 penned: “I want to be like this person , I want to go like that person 😭see am”

DIAMOND stated: “This post is going viral 💯,and this man is getting another help through u bruh”



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