A young man, @kyofficialworld, has captured the attention of many after sharing how he took the British Citizenship test for the first time and answered all questions in just 2 minutes.

The video showcasing the young man @kyofficialworld’s accomplishment has gone viral.

@kyofficialworld shared his insights into the test, emphasizing that the exam turned out to be easier than he had anticipated.

"How I passed my British Citizenship test for the first time in just 2 minutes" - Man shares secrets

The British Citizenship test is renowned for assessing applicants’ knowledge of British history, culture, and values, consisting of 24 questions in total.

To secure a passing grade, applicants are required to answer a minimum of 18 questions correctly.

In the viral video, the TikTok user revealed that he underwent a rigorous security check before entering the test center.

According to him, even with strict rules, he answered the questions easily, crediting his success to studying online and using a book.

@kyofficialworld admitted that he had come across most of the questions given to him in the preparation materials he used, saying they weren’t too hard.

Even though the TikTok user felt sure about passing, he needed official confirmation to make his British citizenship official.

In a subsequent update, @kyofficialworld shared that he received an email confirming his successful completion of the test, officially making him a British citizen.

Netizens Reactions…

Sherine reacted; “I pass mines first attempt wasn’t hard as what I heard people say.”

Chicken Nugget said; “I passed mine within 5 minutes day after tomorrow citizenship ceremony, good luck.”

Marta said; “I have citizenship ceremony on Thursday on my birthday double celebration.”

NyaRi said; “Well done I want to do mine this year too.”

Cee.J said; “Government based exams in the UK are so hard, I didn’t even have to stucy for my drivers license back in Canada but here??I had to read books on books passed tho.”

Eddie_ nanaama_priceless said; “I do like 3time no pass.. now am fed upthe last test even pain me I got 17 only one to pass.”

Miss Taken said; “Use to watch you back in 2020 when I was trying to join the RM. Was there when you bought your first car, and now this. Congratulations, man!”

Mina said; “It took me 6 times to get it.”

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