A 23-year-old young man @hittaa_jeff has captured the attention of many by revealing that he purchased a house on Amazon for $26,280 (N38,142,660.6).

The young man, clearly elated about his unusual investment, took to TikTok to document the entire process.

He offered viewers a glimpse into the surprising experience of purchasing a house online.

Man orders house online, pays N38.1m, Amazon ships it to him; it stuns many@hittaa_jeff initially shared the exciting news through two videos, where he joyfully announced the purchase and detailed the features of his new house.

According to the young man, the house, complete with two front doors and plumbing works already done, arrived at his doorstep after the order was processed and shipped.

Man orders house online, pays N38.1m, Amazon ships it to him; it stuns many

The 23-year-old man mentioned that he needed to wait for the house to be delivered before purchasing land.

According to him, he did this to check how big the structure would be.

In a follow-up video showing the delivered house, @hittaa_jeff gave viewers an inside look at the unusual purchase.

@hittaa_jeff also discloses that he chose to pay a weekly fee at a storage place for a temporary spot for the house before finding a more permanent location.

Netizens Reactions…

Peyton wondered; “A HOUSE? ON ALIEXPRESS!?!”

HiHatHero replied; “Container that’s been turned into a house.

j.ortega02 said; “That’s mad a whole house delivered to you.

punkuh said; “Complain about the damage and see if they give you a second one.”

Bufordstrailer said; “Wait a minute here, you bought a house and didn’t prepare the land ahead of time? Ahhhh the energy of youth! Congrats on the house!”

Savvii said; “I’m about to buy one and place it on my parents land for FRee.

stephaniewillard56 said: “I wonder if we can do afterpay on this.

Chee chee said; “I can’t lie I would buy land and purchase this for my daughters to have their own space and slowly release them into the real world.” u

ser896865 said; “You but 2 of them and now you have a 2 bedroom! For less than $60k.

prettiamber asked; “What do you do for a living to be blow*ing money like this?

Wanda Mcdowell226 said; “My daughter’s dream is to have a tiny home. I showed her your video and she ran to Amazon

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