Young Nigerian man who has been deported from three countries hints at the effort invested into chasing green pasture but failed multiple times.

A social media user identified as on TikTok took to the video-sharing platform to emphasise the struggle of his life.

Man brags, flaunts number of countries he has been deported from

According to the man, he has been to Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia but was deported from all countries, even though he never stated the circumstances that got him booted out.

He, however, bragged about being back in his home country where no one can send him packing like other countries he has been to.

“Una don see am, I don go Vietnam, they deport me, I don go Thailand, dey deport me; I don go Indonesia they deport me, I dey Nigeria now, make I see who go deport me,” he stated.

Reactions as Nigerian gets deported from three countries

ClassicJjosh said: “Omo all this flight ✈️money don reach to set up business 😂.”

Soundy penned: “IMO state guys Sabi travel buh hardly makes it.. some tho😩.”

gabriel_theo1 wrote: “Take over that oracle in your compound is your turn.”

Àkà Íkėńģà opined: “when you committed with Nigeria passport you run to acquire another African country passport, shey na Nigeria passport you hold so?”



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