Nigerian Man recounts an experience with a female driver who badly bashed his car and burst into tears before he could confront her.

The man @clayandpotters said that the female driver had done his car dirty by bashing it.

Man woman car bashed tears
Bashed car.

A photo he shared showed that his back bumper and the rear light cover was broken.

He said that when the answer occurred, before he could open his mouth to say anything, she burst into tears.

The man expressed his exasperation with the female gender.

He wrote:

“God bless all our female drivers. One just did me dirty….. I haven’t said she burst into tears. That gender!!!”

Read comments from netizens below:

@davidoghe said: “She won the case with even appearing in court

Her lawyer was her tears 🤣🤣🤣


@ibehOEmmanuel said: “in Nigeria, if you dey make budget as a car owner dey make one for emergency repairs, because no matey hope careful you dey person go fit come jam you out of nowhere.

all my 3 to 4 encounter na men
always hitting my rear.
once e sup, next thing na ya akwuri.

on God”

Lexis578 said: “They have used the oldest trick in the book on you”

See his post below:





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