Photos of a house set up with 11 containers have elicited mixed reactions among netizens.

A netizen named MBM shared the pictures on Tell It All Facebook group as he gushed over the beautiful abode.

He noted that the house is well equipped. The pictures showed an abode constructed by a really creative fellow. Containers were stacked on each other to form a storey building on a piece of land.

Its interior had standard household furniture and fittings as well as upholstery. It was also noted that the house had different rooms and had power.

Netizens were divided on the container house concept.

See Photos Below!!

Social media reactions

Jalil Akari said:

“This one if you make mistake and some wire touch the floor.”

Naa Mina said:

“No need for cement and blocks.”

Gaby F Monster said:

“11 containers are too many for a house.

“I know a Nigerian who can use only 5 containers to build a good house.”

Kwabena Aboagye Anyan said:

“In my family ,they will push the top container in the spirit and the rest of the container will follow.”

James Agrah said:

“Is it economically prudent? How.much is a 20 or 40 footer container? What is the life span of the container?”

Nana Kwesi Boateng said:

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“My dream house.

“So help me God.

“If you are fed up with the community, you just need a different land and a trailer and off you are gone.”

Eric Appiah said:

“ET-Pablo Page very safe and cheaper if it’s done right. Very common in Scandinavia countries.”



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