In a surprising post, a man from Akwa Ibom named Imaan Mike Umoh claimed that a fellow man paid for his side chick’s flight to join him in Abuja while his wife had to rely on public transportation for her trip.

He took to social media to express his shock, seeking a name for the “demon” that influences a man to prioritize his side chick over his own wife.

He humorously suggested that the wife should have a name to call him upon his return.

He Wrote:

Mbòk what is the name of the demon disturbing a man who pays flight for his side chick to join him to Abuja but his wife uses public transport for National women conference kè Abuja.
Mbòk, no insult, just a name so that when he comes back the wife can call him” 

The post has garnered attention online, with netizens reacting to the apparent double standard and different treatment of the wife and side chick.

While some find the situation amusing and funny, others view it as a show of the challenges within relationships.

Raising questions about loyalty, commitment, and fair treatment between couples.

As the story circulates online, social media users have engaged in discussions about the moral implications of such actions and the impact they can have on the individuals involved.

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