A yet-to-be identified man has become a sex offender in the UK after he was caught sex-chatting with a minor, with the intent of sleeping with her.

A video making rounds online shows the moment he was apprehended by the police for having sensual conversations with the 14-year-old girl.

In the clip, the man claimed that he found the girl on a dating site and started chatting with her. He admitted that the girl told him she was 14-year-old, yet he still proceeded to propose sex to her.

According to the policewomen who interrogated him, the man sent photos of his private part to the minor and also asked her to send him photos of her boobs.

 Man arrested

Interestingly, the suspect, said to be a Nigerian, disclosed that he relocated to the UK a month ago and has a three-month-old child.

He also apologized profusely to the police officers for his action but they refused to acknowledge his apology, stating that he is only sorry because he was caught.

The policewoman further explained him that the man is culpable of rape, because he was planning to meet up with the girl the following day for sex, and sleeping with anyone below 16 in the UK is statutory rape, according to the law.

Watch the clip below,


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