Lyta, Renowned Nigerian artist is back with a bang as he drops his latest single, “Correct,” an energetic track set to dominate the airwaves and playlists around the world.

Correct” showcases Lyta’s exceptional talent and versatility, combining infectious beats, captivating lyrics, and his signature vocal prowess.

As the latest addition to his impressive discography, the song is poised to further solidify Lyta’s position as one of Nigeria’s most exciting and promising young talents.

In this release, Lyta explores themes of success, confidence, and self-affirmation, creating an anthem that resonates with listeners on a personal level.

The dynamic production and catchy melodies make “Correct” a track that is not only danceable but also carries a positive and empowering message.

Produced by a team of talented music producers, the song benefits from a rich and layered soundscape that complements Lyta’s delivery, ensuring a memorable listening experience for fans and new listeners alike.

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