The internet is buzzing with excitement over a humorous video that shows a little girl trying to wrap her baby sister as a Christmas present.

A little girl’s mother caught her trying to wrap her sister as a Christmas present in a funny video.

The little girl thought it would be a wonderful idea to give her baby sister a gift because of her naive and creative mind.

When her mother asked her about her unconventional choice in present wrapping, the hilarious scenario started to play out.

"Sibling rivalry don start" - Little girl wraps baby sister to give away as Christmas present
Little girl wraps sister as present. source: Tiktok

The mother asked the little child in jest why she was wrapping up her sister, as seen in the video that @nikadiwa posted on TikTok.

The little girl answered, rather innocently, saying that she just wanted to give her sister away as a gift. The endearing and surprising answer left the mother and viewers in stitches, appreciating the innocence and creativity of the toddler’s gesture.

Comments flooded in, expressing amusement and appreciation for the child’s innocent intentions.

@mamohlake354 said: “Zizi, send her to me.”

@JazzmineLC reacted: “Sibling rivalry in the making hahaha.”

@Mabel Anaam reacted: “Give her to me.”

@Limmahxx said: “@Minan I wish I did this.

@Racheal W commented: “Zizi is tired already.”

@Lia commented: “Poor Zuri was like: What did I ever do to you?

@KapriSun said: “She said she’s sick of the sleepless nights.”

@mamohlake354 reacted: “Zizi, send her to me.”

@Chipo Mutibvu said: “I have a toddler that I should wrap and give away. Tired of tantrums.”

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