A US based Guinean lady has come online to share why she stopped sending money to her family in Africa. She discovered in her recent visit that she has been funding their lavish lifestyle back.

The lady identified as @fabiennepaulin1 on TikTok revealed she will only send money to Africa if it is about something of emergency or children’s needs and evidence must be attached before she can be convinced to send money.

According to her, she visited her home country eight years ago and discovered the lavish lifestyle her relatives are living with the money she sends home. She stated her family lives a luxurious lifestyle  and that she who works for the money does not live such life even when she can afford it.

She said;

“Every time I go to Africa especially lately, the lifestyle that they are living there is just ridiculous so this people are the people that you basically feed, pay their rent ,when they get sick you pay for that but these people are living their best life out there. I go there they go to the most expensive hair salon, most expensive nail salon like they are living large”

She noted ever since she stopped sending money to Africa, her lifestyle in the US has changed; she concluded everyone at home should work for their lifestyle.

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