A Nigerian lady passes an important message to mothers about close relationships between a girl child and their pastors while listing signs to look out for.

Anastasia Odochi Uchenna-Ozoemena, a Nigerian woman on Facebook convey a crucial message in a post to mothers.

In a post dated Monday, January 29, 2024, she raised awareness about a group of individuals she referred to as a ‘cartel of paedophiles in cassocks,’ who target teenage girls.

She cautioned mothers to engage in discussions with their teenage daughters, particularly those who maintain close relationships with their pastors.

In her words;

”Dear Mothers, please read this carefully

If you have a teenage girl that is close to her/ your pastor, pls have a heart to heart conversation with her. Especially when –

1. He is so fond of her

2. He calls to check up when she is not in church. Not just check up oo, he asks with so much emotions

3. He is uncomfortable when he sees her with young men in the church or elsewhere. You will notice how he scolds her with jealousy laced around his words.

4 He insists she does his chores

5. He gives her leadership roles in church even when she is not the most suitable

6. He makes silly jokes around/ about her.

7. He compliments her beauty / physic

8. He calls the house and she is the only one he asks about

9. He always tells her to wait behind after service.

10. He always has ‘ prophesies ” about her out of all your kids

Dear sisters, e don red oooo!

A cartel of paedophiles in cassocks are all over town.

Be Vigilant!!!”Educate daughters who have close relationships with pastors - Lady warns



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