A beautiful Nigerian lady, wearing a purple top, captured attention on social media as she received a ₦150k cash gift from her boyfriend wishing her success in her exams.

In a video titled ‘Your man sent you money just to wish you exam success,‘ she charmingly showcased the receipt of the sum, displaying emotional words like ‘I love you so much‘ attached to the text by the man.

"I love you so much" - Lady shows off chat, receipt as boyfriend wishes her success in exams with ₦150k cash gift
Nigerian lady.

Soon after the video surfaced, concerned individuals took to the comments section to react.

See some reactions below:

Chizzy: “‎please borrow me your man.”

Badhest osasu: “‎I need international man in my life oh.”

Baby love: “‎madam he gave you that money to sort your papers.”

Asa: “‎Una do start again oo. Wher are my follow tea cup them.”

cakes in Delta: “‎ur own good, mine dey send me moni to miss defense.”

Badhest osasu: “‎I need international man in my life oh.”

chioma…1: “‎with this money…..no weapon fashioned against that exam will work ooo.”

Hadassah: “‎my own go de sey logout and read. them want use motivational words swear for me.”

Bless b: “‎God please i see what you’re doing for others oooo.”

Mira: “‎Maybe my man go shock me if I wan write my next exam sha on God.”

sophia: “‎my own dey send me money to miss class, so i go fit go he place.”

ArkofConvenant: “‎Omo no be small exam I don Dey write since this year. I see all the results this month I PASS well na teeth everybody Dey shine for me.”



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