A Nigerian lady, identified as @finas_beautyplace, took to TikTok to share her rather unpleasant experience at a hotel she paid N7000 for during a wedding event.

In the viral video, the lady expressed her disappointment with the deplorable condition of the hotel’s facilities, highlighting various aspects that left much to be desired.

The footage showcased a room where she stayed, and the surroundings appeared outdated and in need of maintenance.

"I entered one chance"- Lady shares video of N7k hotel room she paid for, it stuns many

The lady drew attention to the state of the bathroom slippers, emphasizing how worn out and mismatched they were, evoking laughter from viewers.

The slippers, meant for use in the bathroom, had different colors and belonged to different pairs, making the situation funny.

Moreover, the video shows the questionable state of the air conditioner in the room, with an inscription warning lodgers not to touch it.

The visible message, “Don’t touch,” raised concerns about the functionality of the AC inside the room.

“Whatever you do wherever you are if you hear 7k for hotel run. I enter one chance,” the lady said.

The post has since attracted numerous reactions and comments from social media users.

Netizens Reactions…

Netizens Reactions…

@Jeeday said; “If you touch the Ac…. E fit shock you.

@Preky said; “The 2 different slippers is to avoid being stolen by customers.”

@Maamie said; “They put two different legs so some people can’t go home with it. I don lodge for something like this.”

@Ifeoluwa commented; “They say do not touch the ac.” 

@Fizzy poundz said; “The price self no shock you.”

@Mirez said; “Them first warn you mk u no touch that ac o. Before you take a trip.”

@Bad person said; “The slippers is to avoid guest from going with it.”

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