A Nigerian lady has gotten many internet users laughing after she shared some pictures her mum took after she taught her how to use Snapchat.

The lady introduced her mum to Snapchat because she wanted her to take better pictures of herself but her mum did the opposite.

Her mother captured herself taking pictures with different types of filters that enhanced her facial appearance on the app.

Sharing the video via her TikTok page @4llyshades, she noted that her mum does not preview the pictures before she post them.

Majority of the people who reacted to the post found it hilarious while others playfulLY told her to let her mother be.

Below are some of the comments;

@Akorfa🦄🦋:  She take the selfie Abi she no take ??😭🤣🤣

@user3624734653959:  My papa own dey always look like passport

@Your Sneakylink👩🏻:  It’s giving “She ain’t no DIVAAAAA”😭😭😭

@Riri🥰:  The fact that she sees nothing wrong with those pics😂

@🎀🧸Ade🧸🎀:  It’s the first stage we all went through the stage😭😹🤲🏻

@Oreoluwa🫶🏻🦋🧸💙:  Na the filter wey she like she use oo no disturb mommy 😂❤️

@——Opemi🫶🌸:  Ah😂😂😂You go don dey regret say you teach am sef 😂😂😂🤦‍♀️

@Nelly:  but she takes selfie na or she no take am?

@Anita🫧:  No be you show her 😂😂


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