A young lady identified as Jayne has stunned her parents with a remarkable gift of a four-bedroom house in Mbale, Eastern Uganda.

Through a video, she shared her journey of presenting her beloved parents with not only her presence after a prolonged absence but also the keys to a beautiful new home.

The house, meticulously constructed under the careful supervision of a chief executive officer whom she personally hired for the project.

Moment lady secretly lands in country, surprises parents with 4-bedroom house

In her TikTok video, Jayne proudly showcased the features of the house, including essential amenities designed to enhance her parents’ comfort and convenience.

She revealed that the house is equipped with a water supply system, with pipes installed strategically throughout the property to ensure easy access to clean water for various household needs.

Furthermore, Jayne also disclosed her meticulous attention to including solar power in the home.

In her words;

“I traveled home to give my parents and family a double surprise This is something i have worked my small ass off for Am glad i changed their lives.” 

Netizens Reactions…

Brand B said; “Exactly what I am manifesting for four-bedroom house.”

Gen Israel said; “Whoever did this for her mum, trust me your days will be fruitful on earth. Best video for the day.”

Rachaelnamu said; “I will do this iñ my minds every day but for sure I cannot manage .”

DA BRAVE QUEEN said; “Guess what I gave my mum? I give room house and land and I feel blessed.”

Bwoolina said; “May I surprise it with my daughter since mum is no more.”

Jay said; “Wow nice. Who did you trust to do all that for you in your absence? You know it’s hard to find trustworthy people.” 




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