A video of a lady venting after boyfriend abandoned her at the airport has stirred reactions.

The lady was meant to meet with her boyfriend at the airport from where he was expected to provide transportation for her to their place.

lady boyfriend airport abandoned

She was shocked and disappointed to discover that the boyfriend was nowhere to be found after they arrived.

A video she shared on her TikTok page captures her lamenting and recounting her plight as she gave out location of the airport.

Check out some reactions gathered …

Lex-Justice said: “Did you get the money, book your flight and your room yourself? Always travel with your own money so if this happens you can still enjoy yourself.”

piscesvxn said: “This happened to me in NYC Had to get my own hotel & explored on my own for 2 days. Then I called the next guy & he got me a hotel & flight back.”

Esperanza said: “Are you okay girl I can fly you out we have a good time I live in Wisconsin.”

M O O N said: “See this is why you don’t blast every move you make! The lord couldn’t beat this outta me.

kiyaaa said: “I hope you’re okay girly! head up you’re so beautiful.”

aishaquadri0 said: “You don’t have vexation money with you.”

Scorpion said: “I would’ve nicely turned around and booked me a flight back home with the quickness.”

SANOOGIE said: “Girl, get a hotel and have some fun in HIS city. Go out, meet new people, and make the best of it girly.”


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