lady who snatched and got pregnantfor her cousin’s boyfriend because of how she used to brag about his generosity comes online to rant as she finds out that he is stingy.

The lady revealed that she had gotten interested in her cousin’s boyfriend because of how she used to boast about the way he spoils her.

lady pregnant cousin's boyfriend snatch stingy
Pregnant lady.

She decided to snatch him from her, and during the course of their relationship, she became pregnant.

The lady, who shared her plight on an online platform, said that since they started dating, the boyfriend doesn’t give her any cash.

She now suspects that perhaps her cousin had been lying all along.

“Dear Auntie Momoza. Please hide my name. How do men choose who to give money to? I snatched my cousin’s boyfriend because she used to boast about how he used to spoil and give her money. I started dating him in January this year and we are 6 weeks pregnant. This guy has never given me a cent. I’m even starting to think my cousin was lying,” she wrote.

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