Heartbroken lady, Constance, has stepped forward to share her story of being scammed out of N100 million by her boyfriend.

Constance, who hails from South Africa, disclosed how her boyfriend, residing in Rwanda, deceived her into sending him sum of 100 million Francs, equivalent to $100,000, under the pretense of investing in their future together.

The couple had reportedly been in a relationship for some time and had plans of tying the knot.

Lady in pain as boyfriend runs away with her N100m given to him to invest in their future a month to wedding

They had also ventured into joint investments, with Constance entrusting her partner with substantial sums of money to secure properties, including land and houses, for their future together.

However, as time passed, Constance grew increasingly suspicious as her boyfriend failed to provide any evidence of the promised investments.

Despite her inquiries, he evaded her questions, causing her initial concerns to escalate.

The situation took a drastic turn when, just a month before their planned wedding, her boyfriend began exhibiting strange behavior and eventually ceased communication altogether.

Speaking to Afrimax, Constance recounted her harrowing experience, expressing her initial trust and naivety in believing her boyfriend’s assurances.

In her words;

“I used to live in south Africa where i owned a thriving business for 3years i was in love with a man who was also my business partner … I sent him a large amount of money and he pretended that he was actually investing properties as we had discussed when the time came for me to return home to my country, I was looking forward to our wedding, we visited both of our families but whenever i asked him about the progress and what he had accomplished with the money, he resisted showing me.

“Since in trusted him, i was so naive and didn’t worry too much at the time, however one month before our planned wedding h started acting strangely.”

“He then texted me on Facebook saying he was imprisoned, I looked into it deeply and realized it was just a hoax, he was never actually taken to prison it made no sense to me, All i could do was to inform our families that my partner had disappeared though it isn’t clear… After around 2 months, the man texted me again and said he was in ivory coast i couldn’t believe what was going on and i just responded “Okay” 

 “It’s been extremely difficult to bear but i will never give up, I’m still working hard and striving to be self reliant, i had known him for a very long time even before we fell in love and in our culture, i felt marrying someone familiar would be ideal but that dream never became reality, he used to show me pictures of cows, farms, houses and fancy cars just to deceive me into sending him more money but that will never stop me from continuing to work hard and achieve my goals.”




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