In a viral clip that surfaced online, some ladies took to their heels after seeing a mermaid on the wall in their friend’s room. The ladies had planned to pass the night in their friend’s house couldn’t enter the room after seeing the drawing.

As seen in the video, the lady had invited her friends to come pass the night at her house. Her friends fled after they saw the mermaid drawing on the wall and concluded they can’t sleep in the room.

The ladies found the painting scary and fetish; they wondered what could have made their friend had such drawing designed on the wall. She pestered her friends that the drawing had no meaning but they declined.

The video has sparked reactions online, internet users claims the drawing to be fetish and probably the lady is part of the water bodies.

@thefoodnetworking2 She even painted the room red…That room dey transform to River for midnight, can’t tell me nothing 😂

@itshimprince So you don’t know that mammy water is real. Most beautiful gurls you see are them

@official_afunwa101 No be everything dem dey use play .. definitely me I won’t even come inside .. lekwa nwa mami water

@kelvin_kertz Na Nigeria we dey, no be everything we suppose dey use normal eyes look.

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