A Kenyan lady has taken to TikTok to express her opinion that Nigerians are not as poor as they portray themselves to be on social media.

She shared her sentiment after seeing the ‘large’ quantity of tomatoes a Nigerian used to make stew. According to her, Nigerians typically use more than 8 tomatoes to make a pot of stew, which is considered extravagant in Kenya.

Kenyan lady says

Speaking in a video shared online, she asserted that many Nigerians would not be able to survive in the current economic climate in Kenya because tomatoes are not cheap.

She even claimed that some men have dumped their girlfriends over claims of misusing foodstuffs, particularly a large number of tomatoes, to cook.

Kenyan lady says

Based on her observation, the lady with the TikTok handle @_jimo_m stated that she would never believe a Nigerian if they claim not to be financially buoyant.

Watch the clip below,

Her video has sparked hilarious comments from Nigerians on TikTok, who were amused by her statement as they asserted that the number of tomatoes she mentioned is small compared to what they actually use to cook stew.

Read some of the comments as you scroll,

@zicase wrote, “8 tomatoes for stew? it’s too small na. by the time we put fish, beef, kpomo, tripe, boiled eggs no space. We need more tomatoes 😂😂😂”

@ejikeojei wrote, “With the 8 tomatoes nigeria still add more Tin tomatoes”

@robin_don1277 wrote, “Do you count tomatoes 🍅 we don’t count here in Nigeria. We just buy them 😅 I use even more than 20. I dunno. I use even more 😂”

One Emmanuel wrote, “Like seriously, I use one plastic basket of 🍅 to make astew that will last me for a week, 10 🍅 are just for making a sauce for one meal for me.”

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