Sonia, the estranged wife of Nigerian footballer Jude Ighalo, has taken to social media to advise women on how to ‘catch’ a man.

In a post shared on her Instagram Stories, the mother of three stated that the best way for a woman to capture a man’s heart is through respect, soft words, a nice approach, and submissiveness.

According to Sonia, this is a surefire way for a woman to attract and enjoy a relationship. She opined that if a woman exhibits these qualities to her man, she will win his heart.

 Sonia schools

This advice comes barely 24 hours after she hinted that she has found love again after her failed relationship with Jude Ighalo.

She wrote,

“Nothing catches a man like respect, soft words, nice approach, and submissiveness. Apply this and enjoy your relationship”

See her post below,

This has sparked mixed reactions on social media, with many agreeing with her statement, while others argued that it’s not foolproof.

Read some of the comments as you scroll,

@diaryof_a_ukbabe wrote, “The man will still cheat very well. No man deserves respect and submission . Give him some shege and he will be on his toes and behave well”

@joanodenu wrote, “It’s only people that are divorced, not in a relationship that brings the best advice concerning relationships😂😂 Why is it always like that 🤔”

@ifeoluwa_Debbs wrote, “And that’s for a man who wants you. If you like to it with a man who doesn’t care about you. You will see Shege.”

@addieforpresident wrote, “Very true 💯 but is the man kind enough to acknowledge it ? “Most” good women are reciprocal. A woman will do all these and more if she is treated right! Even the Bible said men love your wife like Christ loves the church….how many of you loves your wives like that 🤭🤭🤭😂😂😂”

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