Joke Silva, Veteran Nollywood actress has lamented the lack of women in positions of leadership in the nation.

The award-winning actress claimed that although women led Nigeria before independence, they have now lost their influence.

In a recent interview with TVC, Joke Silva said that Nigeria ought to have at least one female governor who is elected democratically by now.

She argued that First Lady Oluremi Tinubu is one of the few women with the necessary experience to ascend to the highly sought-after status of first citizen.

She said;

“In the area of leadership, especially political leadership, women have regressed. I mean, we had some really powerful women. You mentioned Fumilayo Kuti earlier. All these powerful women. There were so many of them spread around the nation. So, you expect them to grow in numbers by now.

At least by now, we should have had a female governor. Mrs. Oluremi Tinubu for one, in contemporary Nigerian politics, is probably the most experienced female politician. She was just in the Senate for a long time and now she is the First Lady.

But the thing is this: how many others? But we have so many male senators. It goes back to what late Chief MKO Abiola used to say: ‘A nation clapping with one hand.’ How do you clap? How is it heard?”


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