Celebrity logistic manager, Isreal DMW publicly warns prospective suitors from making a move on his estranged wife, Sheila Courage.

It would be recalled that in the last quarter of the year 2023, Isreal DMW and his wife, had a sour breakout following a series of public tantrums.

isreal dmw wife sheila

In a recent post via Instagram, the logistic manager of the Afrobeat singer, Davido insisted that he does not plan to move on from his broken marriage any time soon.

In a note, Isreal urged men to avoid his ex-wife, Sheila while warning against the dangers of having an affair with married women, particularly the ones from his hometown.

“Dearest Men. Stay away from Sheila. Stay away from a legally married women, especially the ones from Edo State. Dnt get urself into trouble because of just 5 minutes pleasure. Pitty ur loved ones atleast, if you’re not pittying urself. People shouldn’t always believe they are smart. People shouldn’t always believe they would always eat their cakes and still have it back. Move on what ? FUCK SHIIT. Thanks,” he wrote.

"Stay away from Sheila" - Isreal DMW warns, vows not to move on from ex-wife

His post generated a wave of reactions from his followers who share the same sentiments as him while others urged him to drop the act and move on.

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