Ex super-middleweight champion turned commentator and analyst, Carl Froch, proved why his CV is better than Tyson Fury’s while replying to John Fury’s recent remarks.

In his comment to LuckyBlock, Froch had offended Big John by the following statement:

‘How good is Tyson Fury? What’s he ever done? Who’s he actually beaten?

‘He obviously beat Klitschko in a bit of a stinker. That was just an awkward, horrible performance where he just got inside Klitschko’s head and messed him up with that jab.’

In reply to what looked like a discrediting of his son’s CV, John Fury had said several things about the statement, one of which was that Froch wanted to make himself look better through reducing his son’s worth in the eyes of fans.

Froch promptly replied to each accusation.

‘I don’t have to discredit Tyson to make my CV look better,’ said Froch on his YouTube video. ‘Tyson has four wins over world champions. I’ve got 11 wins over world champions. I’m in the Hall of Fame for a reason.’

Big John had called Froch a hasbeen.

‘He’s called me a has-been,’ said Froch. ‘What’s all this business? That comes from somebody who has never been. Does that mean every previous world champion, Hall of Famer, Sugar Ray Leonard, Muhammad Ali, are they all has beens? It’s ridiculous, it comes from a jealous place.

‘I’ve never been jealous. I’m happy for boxers who paid good money for doing what I think is the hardest job in the world. There’s no jealousy, and I’ve never been a has been. Once a champion always a champion.’

Finally, Froch did not want to have any problem with his British countryman, and told him to ‘Get over it’.

‘If I’m asked a question about your son, I will give an honest answer … Get over it, Big John. You’re on about kicking me up the arse when you see me.

‘You won’t be kicking anybody. You won’t come near me. You’ll probably come and shake my hand, and I hope you do.’

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