­US-based Nigerian man called out for withholding the news of his wife’s passing from her family for 9 months while refusing to answer the phone.

A Twitter user identified as @Fadhlu_S takes to the platform to condemn the actions of a man who failed to call the attention of his inlaws to his wife’s death.

The husband who left his late wife‘s phone charged all through the period claimed to forget to inform her family despite refusing to take calls on the phone.

“Some people are just wicked Wallahi! Your wife passed away 9 months ago and you FORGOT to call her parents, you kept charging her phone and you don’t answer her calls. No, akwai hisabi.

“Yeah he FORGOT, and her phone kept ringing but he wasn’t answering, it was a sister that even sighted the grave at the cemetery yesterday, called her family and that was how they got to know, they reached out to him and he said oh yeah she passed away 9months ago bt h frgt 2 call.

“Wallahi Captain. They’ve been calling her but no response, this guy couldn’t even pick her calls but was charging it, family are in Nigeria, daughter got married in America,” the user wrote.

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