Following a petition from reality TV star Phyna, hair vendor bows to pressure as she apologizes for publicly embarrassing her over rented wig.

Recall that a hair vendor, Damilola Olaore had called out Phyna for reportedly refusing to return a wig she rented after the rental period expired.


A few hours ago, Phyna filed a petition alleging conspiracy and cyberbullying against a hair vendor for falsely accusing her of refusing to return a rented wig.

Phyna recalled being falsely accused over what she knew nothing about in December 2023.

She stated that she has been constantly bullied and embarrassed over a rented wig and reiterated that she never knew it was rented.

Phyna declared that justice is on the way with the assistance of the Nigerian Police Force.

Phyna has now received an apology from the hair dealer for publicly shaming her with the wig rental that she shared on her Instagram profile on December 14, 2023.


Hair vendor apologizes to Phyna over wig rental

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