An American rapper and record label leader, Gucci Mane, has disclosed why many of the artists signed to his 1017 label are in prison.

During an appearance on his wife’s podcast, ‘All Things Keyshia Ka’Oir,’ Gucci Mane revealed that many of his signees are in jail due to difficulties that are rarely seen.

He believes he can help them because he is also an ex-convict.

The host had asked, “The street wants to know why all your 1017 artists keep going to jail.”

Why lots of artists signed to my label are in jail’ – Gucci Mane
Gucci Mane, American rapper

Responding, Mane said: “Well, that was how I was going back and forth in jail. I try to help those artists that I see a lot of myself in [them]. I feel like if I’m not helping them, who else is going to help them? Nobody sees that part of the story.

“They definitely have a story to tell. They come from the trenches. I want to help. I feel like I can relate to them. I know what they got going on.”


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