A Nigerian man has been left distraught and heartbroken after his lady terminated their twin pregnancy without his approval.

In a chat with SUPERS, the young man disclosed that his live-in girlfriend was three months pregnant with twins when she took the decision to abort the pregnancy without his knowledge.

According to him, plans were underway for their wedding and they had already informed his mother that they were expecting twin children.

However, he was taken aback when his girlfriend sent a video of her laughing and playing with the fetus after terminating the pregnancy.

Nigerian lady laughing

In the video, the young lady is seen using her hands to play with the underdeveloped baby and pointing out it’s private area, indicative of a boy, before proceeding to bury it.

The man said in part,

“It’s a rather lengthy story about my serious girlfriend who lived with me and terminated our twin pregnancy. This is what she did with the unborn children [referring to the video of the fetus].

Around three months into her pregnancy, she requested to visit her house and assured me she’d be back. We hadn’t had any quarrels, and I can provide screenshots of our chats before she took this action.

Instead of returning home, she went to her friend’s place, which irritated me further because we had discussed plans, and she promised to return home. Later, she informed me she was in pain. When I asked what was wrong, she revealed she had terminated the pregnancy, the same one she had informed my mother about earlier. I became upset and confronted her. She claimed it was all a test, and I had failed.

The next day, she sent me a video, and two days later, another video of the second terminated child. All of this unfolded while we were in the midst of planning our marriage.”

Watch below,


The identities of the couple are hidden for privacy reasons.

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