Young girl on TikTok has left many internet users rolling with laughter after sharing her mother’s funny reaction to a WhatsApp sticker.

She shared the video to her Tiktok account, @she_is_jiggy, where she called out her mother for being dramatic.

It was apparent from the chats that the young girl had been sending her mother the same sticker over time.

“People will think you have something with this man” — Girl shares her mother’s hilarious reaction to WhatsApp sticker

However, this time around her mother was having none of it and took to warning her daughter seriously.

Even though it is quite common for some members of the younger generation to send funny stickers between themselves, the mother found it strange.

Her mother believes it is somebody her daughter knows and asked that she doesn’t send it again to her and others, so they don’t think she’s dating the man in the sticker.

See some reactions to the video here

@ⓃⓄⓃⒸⒽⒶⓁⒶⓃⓉ ⓂⒻ wrote: “Confess!! do you have something to do with that man?😂😂”

@Jeffrey 🖤 said: “Some people might misinterpret it …while na she Dey misinterpret am 😂😂😂”

@Oma 💕 stated: “African Parents are top tier!!! 😭😭😭”

@celine added: “this is my mom😂😂😂💔💔 people will think that you have something with this man the accuracy 😂😂 of that statement”

@The broke boy 😪 reacted: “😂me wey dey chat with only stickers 😂”

@user9361716559851 commented: “Abi you broke the man’s heart, is that why he’s crying😂😅”

@pin_ky36 asked: “But why you go even send your mama this kyn sticker sef😂”

Watch video below 


When she said “people will think you have something to do with this man”😭😭😭 oh no😂😂 #fyp #dramaticmom #cinnamontrendviral

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