FIFA has announced the date for the new format of the Club World Cup which will be hosted in the United States and the teams that have qualified for the tournament.

The body confirmed in a statement released that the competition’s official name will be ‘Mundial de Clubes FIFA’ which will feature clubs from each of the six confederations. According to the organisers, the competition will kick off on June 15, 2023, and end on July 13, 2023.

Chelsea and Manchester take England’s places as European champions in the 2021-2024 which automatically rules out Liverpool and Manchester United can’t qualify because they’re not in this season’s UEFA Champions League and only two teams per country are allowed. However, Arsenal can qualify but only if they win the Champions League. The two teams per country rule can be waived for sides who win the UCL in the qualification cycle.

Other teams that have booked qualified for the competition include Bayern Munich, Paris Saint Germain, Inter Milan, Real Madrid, Benfica and Porto. There are four more spots left to be filled for European clubs in the competition.

It’s also confirmed the FIFA Intercontinental Cup will be played annually starting from December 2024.

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