A viral video has captured the moment a father cleaned off his daughter’s makeup on her wedding day.

The trending clip showed the bride all glammed up for her big day. However, her father believed the makeup was too much and made her look like a different person, so he wiped it off.


In the video, the father is seen vigorously cleaning off the makeup with a handkerchief in one corner of the venue.

The clip has since gone viral and stirred mixed reactions from netizens.

One @angelasamaroo919 wrote, “This is her special day ,why would you do that !!!!!”

@Ann Burns, “omg I rember i got my hair and make up done first when I was 17 met my dad at town after work he told I look terrible and to get it of in front mates”.

@kamiah, “Thank God she married and leaving because what and the groom just there clearly they all know how he is 😳😳😳”.

Watch video below,

In other news, a Nigerian bride has gotten people talking on social media after she fed her aso-ebi ladies alcohol on her wedding day.

A video shared on TikTok shows the bride pouring the content of an Henessy bottle into the mouths of her asoebi girls at her traditional wedding held recently.

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In the viral video, the young women eagerly waited for their turn to be served alcohol, and some even wanted more after being fed.

According to the TikTok user who posted the video online, the bride wanted to get her aso-ebi girls high and hyperactive so that they can match the energy of the host, popularly called ‘Alaga’.




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