A young lady has shared her incredible journey from starting the year ‘trekking’ to ending it as a proud car owner.

The single girl identified as known as @beyondconceptservices on TikTok expressed her gratitude for the car, which was a gift resulting from her dedicated efforts in her business.

The young lady embarked on a special trip to Anambra State to surprise her family members with her new car. Her intention was to create a moment of pure surprise and joy for her family.

Upon her arrival, the lady’s mother was filled with both happiness and shock upon seeing her daughter’s new car.

The expression on her face was priceless, marking a proud family moment. The family gathered together to offer prayers of thanksgiving to God, recognizing that only Jehovah could have made such a blessing possible.

Following the prayers, extended family members joined the celebration, coming together for drinks and the traditional kola-breaking ceremony.

It was a joyous occasion filled with laughter, love, and appreciation for the young lady’s achievements.

After bidding her family goodbye, the lady left, cherishing the memories of the proud family moment and the love and support she received.

She said; “As a single girl, started the year trekking but ending it as a car owner. On this day, I drove to Anambra state to show my family members the car. It feels so good knowing that this car came as a gift due to the effort I put into my business. Nobody knew I was coming home except my beloved uncle, I wanted it to be a surprise.

“My mum was happy and shocked at the same time. Her expression was something else. It was a proud family moment. Prayers of thanksgiving were made to God, Only Jehova can do this. After the prayers, some extended family members came around for drinks and kola-breaking, After that, I bade them goodbye and left.”

YOUR-PH-PERFUME-LADY said: “I pray for this win one day.”

Degreat900 said; “Congratulations momma.”

@kellyangle204 said: “God will protect u.”

Eagerly001 said: “Congratulations.”

@user7806131303036 said: “CONGRATULATIONS DARLING.”

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