Billionaire businessman, Blord has garnered acclaim from women in Ebenebe, Anambra State, for his benevolence towards their children.

Gistreel reported that Blord stormed his community to fulfill his Christmas pledge to his people.

Blord Ebenebe mothers children

A few days ago, Blord made the residents in his village immensely happy by giving them more than they could ask for as Christmas gift.

He gave out 1200 bags of rice and 4 cows to his entire village for their Christmas celebration.

For his kind act, over 500 Ebenebe mothers stormed the billionaire’s residence to thank him for granting scholarships to their children.

The women could be seen flooding his residence in the video, chanting and dancing along with Blord as he raised his hands in recognition.

Captioning the video, Blord wrote: “Man Of His People, Over 500 Ebenebe mothers came to say thank you for all the scholarship i gave their children, to also celebrate with me, Ebenebe IGA , we are great.”



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