Skit creator and comic actor Mummy Dollarz lost her cool and drove Aunty Ramota out for refusing to greet her when she came into her house.

Aunty Ramota was seen in a widely shared video at Mummy Dollarz’s house, preparing for a movie shoot.

When the Skitmaker’s mother spotted her, she asked Ramota to kneel and meet her, which the actress flatly refused. Mummy Dollarz’s daughter, who was also on set, reacted quickly.

Aunty Ramota walked out in rage, but Mummy Dollarz forced her back, insisting she greets, but Ramota refused.

Drama as Mummy Dollarz sacks Aunty Ramota from her house for refusing to greet
Aunty ramota, Nigerian actress. source: Google

Mummy Dollarz, enraged by her blatant disrespect, immediately kicked her out of her home. Aunty Ramota stormed out of her house and stood outside the gate, looking angry.

Mummy Dollarz approached her, wearing a smile that barely covered her rage, to continue delivering a harsh rebuke for her rude behavior.

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