Music executive and producer, Don Jazzy, has sparked a conversation by making a case for skinny women and their often underestimated curves.

In a recent interview, he shared his perspective on the misconception that slim women lack prominent back sides, asserting that not only do they possess nice curves, but their softness makes everything better.

He playfully expressed his preference for slimmer figures, particularly emphasizing the advantages they have during intimate moments.

He humorously spoke on the potential challenges faced during certain positions, especially for individuals with larger bellies like himself.

Playfully debunking the idea that skinny women lack curves, he stated:

“You will just be feeling like lepa (Skinny) people do not have ass. There is ass there. Actually, it is even softer.”

He further explained that the proportions of a smaller backside offer a more comfortable and enjoyable experience during certain intimate positions.

His remarks have sparked a discussion about diverse body types and challenged societal beauty standards.

His perspective sheds light on the fact that attractiveness comes in various forms and encourages embracing and appreciating individual body shapes.

Don Jazzy’s comments have garnered attention and sparked amusement and curiosity among fans and viewers and the public alike, which as led to many humorous and light hearted comments online.

Watch the video below

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