Nigerian doctor who specializes in diagnosing diseases of the urinary system has taken to the microblogging platform X to educate Nigerians on the issue of childbearing.

The doctor started by disclosing that men can be responsible for infertility in marriage but women are mostly blamed for it.

He stated that some men are unaware that they shoot blank shots, then advised them to get tested before getting married.

He wrote;

I remembered something now. you know how we watch on Nollywood that when a couple is looking for the fruit of the womb, it’s usually the lady’s fault.
I’m here to inform you that there are a lot of guys out there shooting blanks. Gbogbo oligo-, a-, astheno-, terato-zoospermia.
Get tested guys and suffer not the poor woman in the hands of your family members.”

However many internet users appear to agree with the doctor, as they each trooped to the comment section to share their opinion.

Below are some of the comments,

@umycutie:  They will tell you their ex used to get pregnant just by looking at them. Then watch their family put the wife through stress when in truth na them be the problem. 

@ogbenyaluu:  This should be a pre-wedding requirement. As you’re doing marriage counseling, do your health checks, hormone profile, therapy sessions, and all that. Two of you should be present as you go for these checks.

@tkingzystar:  Our fathers and Nollywood deceived this generation. Most of the time, the woman doesn’t even have problems, Doctors will tell you this. Better go test your semen, Pablo 😂

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