A young man lives in fear of finding bad news about his beloved 4-year-old son after a DNA result reveals that he is not the biological father of his newborn baby.

According to a user on the X platform, his brother-in-law recently discovered that his 2-month-old newborn is not his biological child.

The decision to conduct the DNA test came after family members remarked that the baby bore no resemblance to him whatsoever.

The man’s first child, now 4 years old, also raises doubts, but he is hesitant to pursue DNA testing due to his deep affection for the boys.

In his words;

“My own wife’s brother just found out last week that his new born baby of 2 months ain’t his. His aunt made him. Go do DNA cus they all said the baby doesn’t look like him at all.

Mind you that’s his second one. The first one is already 4 years old and he is scared of doing dna cus he loves the boys so much.

My wife said she would do it behind his back. These women aren’t african women. So it’s common among women all over the world. Make men dey trust women anyhow.”

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DNA result of newborn baby leaves man devastated after being forced by sister


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