Famous Disc jockey and producer, DJ Neptune, has once again graced the music scene with his latest single, “Gelato,” featuring the rising talent Khaid.

The track is set to make waves with its infectious beats and compelling lyrics, promising listeners a musical experience like no other.

Known for his ability to curate exceptional collaborations, DJ Neptune has joined forces with the dynamic and promising artist Khaid to deliver “Gelato” — a perfect blend of Afrobeat vibes and contemporary sounds.

This collaboration follows DJ Neptune’s string of successful releases that have consistently garnered acclaim from fans and critics alike.

Gelato” is a testament to DJ Neptune’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of musical innovation. With his unparalleled skill in crafting beats that transcend genres, the track is poised to become a chart-topping hit and a favorite among music enthusiasts.

Khaid, the featured artist on “Gelato,” brings his unique style and vocal prowess to the table, complementing DJ Neptune’s signature sound. Together, they have created a song that not only showcases their individual artistry but also sets the stage for a new era in Nigerian music.

The accompanying visuals for “Gelato” are a visual feast, directed by a renowned creative mind in the industry, promising to elevate the overall experience for fans and viewers.

As “Gelato” hits the airwaves, DJ Neptune invites fans, music lovers, and the media to join him on this exciting musical journey. The single is now available on all major streaming platforms, and the video can be enjoyed on popular video-sharing channels.

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