Davido, Highly acclaimed Nigerian singer has shared a unique practice he believes contributes to creating timeless music.

The Grammy-nominated artist, known for his love of fashion and extravagant spending on clothing, disclosed his unconventional approach to enhancing his musical creativity.

Taking to his official Twitter page, Davido explained that, to produce classic music, he adopts a distinct lifestyle change by showing up to the studio dressed like a homeless person. Despite his penchant for stylish and high-end fashion, the Feel singer asserted that this method boosts his ability to create musical masterpieces.

In a tweet, Davido confidently stated, “Once I dress like a homeless man to the studio just know I’m leaving with a CLASSIC.”

The revelation sparked immediate reactions from fans and followers, with many expressing curiosity and amusement. Davido’s tweet prompted a flood of comments, ranging from humorous remarks to fans eagerly anticipating more of his future classic releases.

As the much-loved artist continues to surprise and engage his audience, the music community awaits the potential impact of his unconventional studio rituals on his upcoming work.




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