Ahead of the implementation and integration of the Port Community System into the single window project, the Nigeria Customs Service has recommended the adoption of a single document for cargo clearance.

The service said that the document would be accessible to every stakeholder involved in the clearance of cargo, to eliminate bottlenecks militating against seamless cargo clearance.

Speaking at a town hall meeting in Lagos, organised by JournalNG on Friday, Comptroller General of Customs, Mr Adewale Adeniyi, said that the use of a single document would not only remove barriers to customs operations but also remove barriers to trade.

According to Adeniyi, who was represented by the Customs Area Comptroller of the Tincan Island Command, Dera Nnadi, a single document for the clearance of cargo is where the industry is headed.

He explained that the idea was to have one document that should be able to accommodate all stakeholders in the cargo clearance process.

“What we try to present here today is not just to remove barriers to customs processes, it is how to remove trade barriers. Customs is part of the global supply chain just like every other member of the port community system,” he stated.

According to him, the success of every nation depends on how it manages trade.

“So, we are not just discussing Customs here, we are discussing trade generally and like I said, trade is very significant for every nation; the success and development of a nation depends on how it manages trade,” the NCS boss asserted.

“For us as customs, yes, our revenue comes from this and for the aspect of national security, the management of trade also has a significant role it plays in what comes into Nigeria and what goes out of Nigeria,” the CGC said.

The CGC noted that Nigeria was working to attain the 2025 target set by the International Maritime Organisation for every country to attain PCS.

“Most significantly, the IMO has a target of 2025 for every nation, including Nigeria to have attained the PCS and we are working towards that.

“Since 1997, we have been working to modernise our system in the Nigeria Customs Integrated Information System, which would further embrace other community users,” he explained.




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