An X-Influencer has stirred up controversy by accusing Ivorian authorities of withholding tickets from Nigerians during the 2023 AFCON cup finale between the Super Eagles and the Ivorian National team on February 11.

Taking to her social media handle, @TheSerahIbrahim, the influencer claimed that Nigerians were denied the opportunity to purchase tickets for the match.

She alleged that some Nigerians who managed to acquire tickets paid high prices, far exceeding their actual value.

According to @TheSerahIbrahim, the Ivorian authorities allegedly hoarded all the tickets, while the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) failed to secure reservations for their fans.

Supporters’ groups with their trumpets and drums were reportedly left outside the stadium, unable to enter.

The influencer further stated that there were Nigerian fans outside the stadium who were unable to gain access.

She pointed out that the crowd inside the stadium, which numbered 57,094, had a significantly low representation of Nigerian supporters.

@TheSerahIbrahim expressed concern that such actions could have negatively affected the players’ morale.

She concluded her post by hoping that lessons would be learned from the incident.

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