An American man known as Chef Anthony Thomas has taken to social media to call out Uti Nwachukwu, a well-known figure in Nigerian media, and accuse him of using his identity to deceive followers on Instagram.

Chef Anthony took to Twitter to make this hefty accusation, claiming that he caught the media personality when he called him on Instagram.

According to the chef, Uti had created an Instagram account in his name and impersonated him, using a number of his images in order to get gift cards from friends.

He wrote:

“This bastard made a fake IG page with many of my photos. He began requesting my friends as well. He then had the audacity to start begging them for money on Google Play gift cards. Someone sent me the page. I called him on IG, and he answered….”

Reacting to his allegations, netizens opined that the scammer was probably using Uti’s image as a cover up, making the actor a victim too.

Emmofie wrote: “The person in this picture is a Nigerian celebrity Uti Nwachukwu and he’s most likely a victim as well. Celebrities have their pictures and videos used for scams like this. I’m so sorry for your experience.”

Yhettyqueen commented: “That’s Uti. Uti made a fake page of you ke??”

Maverickhurt wrote: “Lol they played you a pre recorded video of a Nigerian celebrity”

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