Gifted Nigerian artist, Burna-Boy added  over N2 billion to the UK economy with his sold-out Concert at the 80k capacity London Stadium in 2023.

What if he sold out 40k stadiums in Nigeria? Think about it for a second, you’ll realize We’re losing so much as a productive Nation, and that’s  The Dark Side Of Afrobeats To The World.

In the early days, Afrobeats lacked institutional funding, now the world wants to explore our sound we’re not putting any guardrails in place.

Afrobeats generate insane amounts of money from streaming for big Labels in – France, the UK, and the US… but the truth is this money doesn’t come to Nigeria, Ghana, or any African countries producing Afrobeats.

It goes back to the pocket of these foreign labels the money is not ours, and it does not help the industry.

The big question is – What will happen when thes e labels stop giving us these contracts?

Nigerian Music is no longer distributed in the Nigerian office, Nigerian artists are no longer Nigerian artists anymore.

We need our venues, touring circuit, and Investments.

Africans need to be enlightened that money can be made in the Afrobeats market here apart from shows.

If the world is done with extracting from Afrobeats our artists will no longer be able to sell their art due to lack of funding and will be distributed for free.

Afrobeats need the government Involved.



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