The excitement of the FIFA World Cup 2022 has remained unmatched, with major upsets and unexpected victories dominating the headlines; we have had a long list of coaches that have also announced their resignation after crashing out of the competition itself.

SUPERS has compiled a list of the biggest names that have announced their resignation after crashing out of the World Cup 2022.

Paulo Bento – South Korea

World Cup 2022

After crashing out of the round of 16 of the FIFA World Cup 2022, Paulo Bento, who had been managing South Korea since 2018, announced that he would be resigning from the national team.

Paulo Bento had helped South Korea reach the knockout stage of the World Cup for the first time since 2002.

South Korea had crashed out after losing to Brazil by 4 goals to 1 in the round of 16 match. After the Match, Paulo revealed:

We just have to think about the future and it will not be with the national team of South Korea.

I have just announced to the players and to the president of the South Korean federation and this was a decision I had already taken since September that was set in stone.

Today I have confirmed it and I have to thank them for everything they have done.

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They have given their very best and I have been very pleased and proud to have been their manager.

Gerardo Tata Martino – Mexico

World Cup 2022

After Mexico had failed to make it to the knockout stage of the FIFA World Cup 2022, head coach Gerardo Martino revealed that he would no longer be the coach of the Mexican side as his job ended after the final whistle had been blown.

He revealed in his post-match conference that:

‘I am responsible for today’s result, My contract ended as soon as the referee blew the final whistle and there is nothing more to be done.’

Otto AddoGhana

World Cup 2022
Otto Addo Photo Credit: Getty Image

After Ghana had failed to progress out of the group stages of the FIFA World Cup 2022, Otto Addo who was the coach of the Black Stars, revealed that he would be stepping down from his position to resume his role as the assistant coach of Borussia Dortmund.

It was later revealed that the position had been a temporary one as a replacement is being searched for.

The Ghana FA revealed:

‘’We knew coach [Otto Addo] will be leaving in six months, so we do have a succession plan,

We just going through the process, it’s a process, you know the Ghana Football Association works with different stakeholders in this decision-making process.

Like I said, first thing is to get our reports in quickly, have a meeting within our stakeholders, including the President, the Executive Council and Government and once that is done, we will make a decision on his successor. So yes, we have a plan.”

Roberto Martinez – Belgium

World Cup 2022
Roberto Martinez photo credit: Getty Images

After Belgium had crashed out of the FIFA World Cup 2022, head coach Roberto Martinez in his post-match press conference, announced that he would be stepping down as the head coach of the Belgian side. He, however, clarified that he was not resigning but rather his contract at the national side had come to an end.

That was my last game with the national team and it’s emotional as you can imagine, It was going to be the end whether we were world champions or out in the group stage. It has nothing to do with being eliminated at this stage. This is the time for me to accept that this day is the last game.

I took the decision just before the World Cup. I always work in the long term. I believe the long-term projects need to be long term and they need to be set in advance.

As you can imagine, since 2018 I have had many opportunities to leave and take jobs at club level. I always wanted to be loyal, I always wanted to finish the job and now I don’t resign, this is the end of my contract. This was always the plan.”


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