Sc@ms are a common occurrence in Nigeria, as they are in many parts of the world.

Some common types of sc@ms in Nigeria include:

1. Send me your CV – Sc@m.

2. We’ll get back to you – Sc@m.

3. I love you more than I love my wife – Sc@m.

4. Police is your friend – Sc@m.

5 The youths are the future leaders – Sc@m.

6. Airtel Data bundles – Sc@m.

7. Your vote counts – Sc@m.

8. Send me money to visit you – Sc@m.

9. I have a boyfriend but it’s complicated – Double Sc@m.

10. This is not a sc@m – Sc@m.

11. Our school is the best – Sc@m.

12. Come over I want to show you
something – Sc@m.

13. Oh, he’s just a childhood friend – Sc@m.

14. He’s like a brother to me – Outstanding Sc@m.

15. I’m with the boys – Sc@m

15. I promise I won’t tell anyone – Sc@m.

16. I saw you in my dreams giving you a ring – Pure Sc@m.

18. A: Lets do a video call…
B: Sorry my network is bad, my battery is low, my room is dark – Chief Sc@m

19. This year I see you buying a car – Spiritual Sc@m

20. Baby, you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen – 5G Sc@m.

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21. Why didn’t I meet you before marrying my wife? -Sc@mmest Sc@m of them all.

Bonus sc@m!!!

22. I have never loved someone like this before – Greatest Sc@m.



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