The Rolling Stone magazine has named two gifted Nigerian artists, the Grammy award-winning Burna Boy and the legend and king of Afrobeat himself, the late Fela Kuti, as two of the greatest singers of all time.

The two artists were recognized for their vocal abilities and how their messages were being conveyed to their fans.

Rolling Stone had released a list of the 200 greatest singers of all time a list Burna Boy was ranked 197, and Fela Kuti was ranked 188. The list consists of some of the biggest and greatest artists of all time, and Burna and Fela have been recognized for their immense contribution to the growth of African music.

Rolling Stone described Fela as an iconic figure who had shared through his music his views on political and social issues. Rolling stone explained that it was not just his lyrics that conveyed the message but his voice through the way he sang also passed its own message across as well.

Burna Boy was described as a cultural giant and an ambassador of Afrobeats. His voice was categorized as one that is sweet like caramel, amped up by his deep bass accents and his ‘sophisticated polyrhythms.’

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