For many celebrities, the bounty of fame extends beyond having loads of money and the adoration of millions of fans.

Some of these top stars do not sign any performance or appearance contract before they are assured of the most luxurious conditions, right from how they travel. While some demands may appear usual, especially for A-list celebrities, others are outrageous and ridiculous.

They also make sure they have their favourite things waiting at their destinations, all enabled by a “rider” — a list of demands that a venue or concert organiser must meet to secure the given artiste’s signature for a performance.

Burna Boy became an international “big boy” performing in sold-out concerts in the US and UK as well as collaborating with a number of international artists, the likes of English singer Ed Sheeran and rapper Stormzy, acquiring his services is no longer something many organisers, particularly in Africa, can afford. This picture is best captured on his rider seen by Lifestyle.

Booking Burna Boy then was affordable. Flying him on a business class ticket was less expensive than it would cost to have him now for any show meanly international.

To book Burna Boy for any country for a show, the organiser must first have to pay a performance fee of $500,000 (300 million naira). the organiser would have to also book a 13-seater challenger jet.

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“Private jet to be vetted by management team prior to booking,” the star’s hospitality rider states.

Upon arrival at the airport, the ‘Last Last’ hitmaker is to be picked up by a convoy of five different luxury vehicles, a Sprinter bus this Mercedes Benz sprinter is his main car, a van and three other SUVs from G wagon to Cadillac Escalade, these vehicles must be available to the artiste for the duration of the trip.

For accommodation, Burna Boy stays at a four or five-star hotel. the hotel must have reserved a smoking executive suite, two junior suites, one deluxe king room and six double standard rooms with big mirrors.

The hotel should also have a green room in which he and his crew can relax when not performing. The green room should be made exclusive and should also have a smoking chamber.

The security room should be on the same floor as the artist’s room. Hotel to be vetted by management team prior to booking,”.

Burna Boy travels separately from his band. The jet is only meant for him, his manager and close associates.

For his band, the host will have to book 14 flight tickets in consultation with Burna Boy’s management.




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