In the message, Brymo described his experiences, stating that he had a hidden relationship with the female lawmaker, despite her marital status.

He revealed that their relations went beyond simple friendship, describing intimate encounters between them.

Brymo opens up about past life, spills how he used to sleep with a lawmaker
Nigerian artist Byrmo

Brymo went on to explain how the politician invited him to perform at her sister’s wedding in Niger State.

According to Brymo, the scenario took an unexpected turn when he arrived at the event and discovered the presence of another artist, whose identity he chose not to reveal.

Following their alleged bedroom escapades, the singer showed concern in following the lawmaker’s request to perform for her husband.

The musician said that the female politician lavishly compensated him for his performance both on and off stage.

He admitted that she paid him twice after he wowed her during their rendezvous.

Listen to him speak…


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