Famous actress and singer Angela Okorie has responded after facing heavy backlash for washing her hands with an expensive vintage champagne, Dom Perignon, at a club.

The 48-year-old star shared the video on TikTok and bragged that she doesn’t need to use water to wash her hands in this harsh economy.

The video, however, received mixed reactions, with many criticizing her for wasting the alcohol, while others berated her, calling her classless, razz, and claiming that she has a poverty mentality.

Angela Okorie blows

In response to the negative comments, Angela took to Instagram to lash out at her critics for condemning her action and boasted about her wealth and influence in the entertainment industry.

She asserted that she is exposed, well-traveled, and has visited many countries across the world. She also clarified that the video was just for fun, and anyone who can’t handle her kind of content should simply ignore her instead of leaving bitter comments.

Angela Okorie blows

Read her lengthy comment below,

“Opinions does not matter 🤷‍♀️🤫 at all
I can post what ever I like on my page,i mean is my platform, my business,not yours 🤷‍♀️
Why are Some of you so bittered,Do you lack love at home Are you intimidated by the don p? na your money?
na your drink? We just catching cruise if you no like am pass 🤷‍♀️I posted a picture in a village eating with a little boy everyone was shouting nature this or that na only village I Dey go??? your hatred and beef got nothing on me Ndi ara , y’all should go drink very cold water and pass 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️
watch or pass I no won insult anybody again that’s not my style,cos if I insult anybody now dem go say i get bad mouth they won’t leave me now🤷‍♀️not everyone have a good taste, some people carry witchcraft once they see me they just won drink blood 😂 they are obsessed with me may be 😂😂😂while some people will see me and jump on me,stop the disrespect, i have been on lime light over 20years, that’s Legendary, before some of your favs,I have started went to school,travelled round the world with almost 10 passports full with visas, no country I never gooo am too exposed to the allow all this (Ngbeke feeling funky’s talk down on my brand,
My fashion sense na follow come,infact some people copy my dressing especially that boots thingy but E no Dey fit them 😂I wear luxury, I live luxury, some of your favs can’t even shop were I shop, Am expensive ,lifestyle is luxury for over the years
some friends/families just like to make me happy,so carry your jealousy and witchcraft avoid my page,for years I have stayed consistent putting in so much work
Over 200 movies to my credit
dropped an album with 10 songs zero features
Had over 8 singles hit songs , collaborations with A lits back to back,shot many classy musical videos,if you use bad words here, my mouth no good o enjoy the cruise and pass or mind the business that pays you,my style is different, some love it, while some get intimidated when they see me 🤷‍♀️but life is not too hard to understand knowing i am not looking for anything from anyone here,I don’t care 🤷‍♀️ if anyone with the lowest esteem is here respectfully respect your self.
Note: This page does not support violence.”

See her post below,

Watch the controversial video below,


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